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Upcoming changes to the CCP and BACCs


Biosecurity New Zealand is changing the Container Checks Portal on 29th March - this Friday.

This will be a new portal for your Accredited Persons to log their container checks into for both sea and air containers. MPI will have videos demonstrating how to use the new portal.

The most important change with this is that Accredited Persons logging in will need a RealMe login. This can be set up before the changeover at the end of this week.

You can set up your RealMe here: 

Note: you do not need a RealMe verified identity just a RealMe login.

To read more MPI have an update on the homepage of Container Checks: Container Checks: Welcome - (

There is also a minor change occurring with the BACCs. This is includes the removal of the box saying “All Biosecurity requirements Met? NO”

Click HERE and HERE to read more about the BACC change