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Chatham Islands Visit | February 2024

Last month SPS Biota went back to the Chatham Islands for our annual visit.

SPS Biota works with Environment Canterbury (ECan) and the Chatham Islands Council to provide support in the Chatham Islands Border Quarantine and Biosecurity programme. The Chatham Islands are a unique part of New Zealand, with many endemic species only found there and exists without many of the pests that are present on mainland New Zealand. It is important to protect this isolated place to prevent new pests establishing on the Chatham Islands.

During our visit we were able to visit risk sites (including Waitangi Wharf - Chatham Islands Shipping and Chatham Island Tuuta Airport), assist with inspections of vehicles that had just arrived on the island and liaise with the ECan Biosecurity Officers on the island.

Below are some photos from our trip in February:

Waitangi Wharf - Chatham Islands Shipping.


From left: Jase Seymour, Alex Miekle and Robin Seymour (ECan Biosecurity Officers and Contractor) at Chatham Island Tuuta whilst servicing bait stations.


Georgia Williams (SPS Biota) assisting with inspections of a vehicle that had recently arrived.


A vehicle about to have a wash with a water blaster after finding some dirt. Soil and dirt is a high risk for bringing pests/weeds to Chatham Island.


Vehicle receiving a wash from a water blaster.


On our way home!

For more information regarding the Chatham Islands and biosecurity check out the free eLearning module!

All you need to do to access the course is register on our eLearning platform and then enrol in the course. You will even get a certificate when you finish!

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