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SPS Forestry Biosecurity Surveillance | SCION Visit & Field day

SPS staff involved in forestry pest and disease surveillance visited SCION last week in Rotorua.

SCION staff gave us presentations on emerging and current insects and diseases in plantation forestry. We visited the pathology and entomology laboratories, of particular interest was that the team was able to look at exotic invasive bark and ambrosia beetles that are not present in New Zealand under the microscope. SCION gave us a tour of their nursery and we discussed potential diseases in Pinus radiata nurseries. The next day SPS staff went into the field, which was a great opportunity for senior staff to share their knowledge with newer staff.


Brent Rogan (Director of SPS Biota) presenting a report based on the previous season's surveillance for Pan Pac Forest Products Ltd.


Paul Digby-Smith looking over beetle examples.


Dominic Hartnett, Paul Digby-Smith and Chris Inglis at the SCION Laboratory.


Mark Twaddle, John Bartram and Chris Inglis in discussion at SCION.


Tane Geldard-Lorenz inspecting forest debris with Tyler Clarke, Dominic Hartnett, Chris Inglis and Tori Penfold in the background.


Chris Inglis out in the field.


Chris Inglis, Tane Geldard-Lorenz, Dominic Hartnett, Tyler Clarke and Tori Penfold out in the field.


Inspecting a tree stump.


All photos taken by Geoff Carlaw.