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NEW See, Contain, Report Newsletter - August 2022

Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) have released a new edition of the See, Contain, Report Newsletter.

The August 2022 Edition gives updates on various areas of the Transitional Facility Window including;

  • Tips and reminders for Operators and APs
  • New Contamination Charts
  • Place of First Arrival Standard review
  • TF/CF Infringement notices
  • The corporation as the TF Operator
  • Performance-Based Verification
  • Container Hubbing
  • 100% Reporting
  • BMSB

This is a good opportunity for TF-Operator to be reminded to ensure their processes in their manuals are up to date, with objective evidence, as this is a great focus of the Performance-Based Verifications which have been phased in by Biosecurity NZ.

The newsletter also gives an in depth look at Foot-and-Mouth Disease and the current outbreak in Indonesia. Additional biosecurity measures have been put in place for goods coming from Indonesia due to this outbreak.

  • Soil is a common contamination found when devanning containers and is a way a virus like FMD to arrive in NZ, as soil can carry pathogens.
  • As stated in the See, Contain, Report Newsletter - "Soil must be removed from containers, placed in the quarantine bin, and be destroyed as quarantine waste."

To read the August 2022 edition click here: See, Contain, Report August 2022

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