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Pacific Cacao and Chocolate 2022 | Celebrating all things Pacific Cacao

The Team at SPS Biota were thrilled to be a part of the inaugural Pacific Cacao and Chocolate Event held at Mount Smart Stadium on Saturday 23rd July 2022.

Chris Inglis and Tanner Stott representing Narra and the Phillippines. Photo by Geoff Carlaw.
Keith Budd with Luke Owen-Smith (PCC Judge) and members of the public. Photo by Geoff Carlaw.
Brydyn Melles discussing Rautini products. Photo by Geoff Carlaw.

SPS Biota was a major partner in bringing the show to life, headed by Keith Budd (Director, and Senior Consultant) in collaboration with Grow Asia Pacific, Ms Sunshine Organic Farms and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade. Our team represented Grow Asia Pacific Charitable Trust, Rautini Limited and Narra (joint venture between Seed Core and Rautini) during the Trade Event, as well as manning the ticket booth and welcoming patrons into the event.

The public enjoyed workshops from Cacao Farmers, Chocolatiers and judging of awards, as well as tasting the amazing chocolate created using pacific cacao.


'Sweet Relief' Chocolate bar made by OCHO Chocolate. Photo by Geoff Carlaw.

A special thank you must be made to OCHO Chocolate based in Dunedin, who are the makers of Grow Asia Pacific's Disaster Relief chocolate bar. The name of this chocolate bar was voted for by the public and is now known as 'Sweet Relief'. The SPS Biota and Grow Asia Pacific team were pleased with the public recognition from the voting for their favourite name as well as sampling the delicious 70% Vanuatu Chocolate bar made by OCHO | Otago Chocolate Company.

 OCHO, in collaboration with Rautini, also created Hot Chocolate, Cacao nibs and Plunge it Cacao. 


Plunge-it Cacao made from cacao from Vanuatu. Photo by Geoff Carlaw.

The team enjoyed the tasting of seven pacific countries 70% chocolate bars, all made by Raglan Chocolate using the same method. It was very interesting to taste the varying notes that cacao from different pacific islands create when tasting the chocolate.

Keith Budd presenting the Pacific Cup trophy. This was won by Fiji. Photo by Geoff Carlaw.

The team also attended the VIP Cacao Awards in the evening which was enjoyed by all. Congratulations to all the winners.


SPS Biota team attending the VIP Cacao Awards. Photo by Geoff Carlaw.

Thanks to the SPS Biota team who were in attendance on the day; Keith Budd, Imogen Bradbury, Brydyn Melles, Geoff Carlaw, Georgia Williams, Jacqui Parkinson, Jessica Wallace, Amy Wannan, Tanner Stott, Chris Inglis and Sophie Melles.

Some of the Pacific Cacao and Chocolate Committee. Photo by Mary Aue.

Thanks to the rest of the organising committee of Pacific Cacao and Chocolate including Floris Niu (Ms Sunshine Organic Farms), Pavel Muron (SPS Biota, Grow Asia Pacific), Frieda Paul, Mary Aue, Antonina Elliott, Penny Cusack, Abby Marriott, and Imogen Bradbury.

Written by Georgia Williams.