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Biosecurity Business Pledge

The Biosecurity Business Pledge is a partnership which aims to help all businesses across New Zealand to be proactive in their biosecurity practices.

The pledge has been developed by business and provides a structure for managing biosecurity; including the effect that unwanted pests and diseases might have on business or business sectors. The pledge is designed to help make biosecurity a core part of operations and to help businesses meet their corporate and social responsibilities. 

Taking a proactive approach to biosecurity is good for both individual business and sectors, as well as protecting our economy, environment and way of life.

SPS Biota has joined the pledge, and are passionate about biosecurity at all levels, including at our border and post-border. The Biosecurity Business Pledge is a great way to spread awareness and information on biosecurity so that we can all help to protect New Zealand’s unique environment, the economy and our way of life.


For more information on the Biosecurity Business Pledge please see: Biosecurity Business Pledge 2021 (

How to join the Biosecurity Business Pledge | Ko Tātou This is Us