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Transitional Facility Folder


Keeping a record of consignment and MPI documentation is essential for monitoring the management of goods and for MPI verification inspections.

This Folder is a system of keeping your documentation ordered and easily accessible.

The folder comes with:
Ring Binder Folder
Index Cards
Transitional Facility Folder Sticker
Printed Versions of Relevant Standards for your Facility
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Transitional Facility Folder


    The Person who attends this course must have a basic understanding of both written and spoken English.

    To attend the Virtual Classroom you must have:

    - internet

    - computer with camera and microphone

    - unique email address


    A physical version of the resource book will be couriered to you.

    Attendees will be required to upload a form of Photo ID as part of the course;
    Driver's License
    Passport (if you are not born in NZ)
    Proof you can work in NZ (working Visa) 


    A Certification of Training will be awarded on successful completion of this course.

    On receipt of a Certificate of Training, attendees are then required to Submit an Application for Appointment as an Accredited Person to MPI.