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TMBC Readiness and Response Workshop

SPS Biota attended the Readiness and Response Workshop organised by Tauranga Moana Biosecurity Capital on the 11th of June. The workshop was led by Gerard Moore, one of Aotearoa's most experienced Emergency Managers.


The workshop had a focus on hypothetical biosecurity incursions and aimed to increase awareness, learn how to be better prepared and proactive in protecting the country from invasive pests, weeds and diseases. There was an introduction of the use of the New Zealand Co-ordinated Incident Management System to structure a response and achieve the best possible outcome in the case of a biosecurity incursion.


Attendees had interactive discussions and had to consider making decisions through the lens of differing areas of focus such as cultural, environmental and social lenses for example.


A note from one of the attendees:

"As someone with a scrambled brain, I was least likely to learn from a highly structured Readiness and Response workshop. Also a scrambled brain that has been on at least two major responses which took some time to get underway. So I was a slightly cynical attendee in regard to learning any organisational skills.

However, it soon became apparent that Gerard, our trainer had exceptional skills in showing how to organise a response with lots of real-life examples and working together in groups. 

Probably the best workshop I've been on."


Overall, SPS Biota came away with a refreshed interest and awareness of potential biosecurity threats and the use of the Co-ordinated Incident Management System to respond to potential future incursions.

Thank you to Tauranga Moana Biosecurity Capital and Gerard Moore for organising a very informative day.