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NEW See, Contain, Report Newsletter - November 2023

Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) have released a new edition of the See, Contain, Report Newsletter.

The November 2023 Edition gives updates on various areas of the Transitional Facility Window including;

  • The Biosecurity Business Pledge - Partnering to Protect
  • Removal of the Operating Manual Template from the MPI website
  • Improving customer experience when applying for Transitional Facility/Operator approval or Accredited Person appointment
  • A Biosecurity Awareness Module is coming…
  • A live suspect Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) found in luggage from Italy
  • Biosecurity Support Services Reduced During Christmas & New Year 2023-24
  • Know your Enemy - Red Imported Fire Ant - Solenopsis invicta
  • A Message from the Team at Biosecurity New Zealand

To read the November 2023 edition click here: See, Contain, Report November 2023

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