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New eLearning course: Spongy moth awareness

If you haven’t heard, the moth formerly known as “gypsy moth” has had a name change and is now known as spongy moth.

To raise awareness of this moth and the damage its caterpillars could do if they were to establish in New Zealand, SPS has created a free, short eLearning that anyone can access.

The course contains information on:

- What the insect looks like in all stages of its life cycle

- How it could get to New Zealand

- The potential impacts if it established

- What you should do if you think you see one

All you need to do to access the course is register on our eLearning platform and then enrol in the course. You will even get a certificate when you finish!

Click here to enrol in the spongy moth eLearning.

Once you’ve finished, why not check out our other free courses, on brown marmorated stink bug and forest biosecurity.