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Keeping you updated in 2024!

Happy New Year!

We are looking forward to the year ahead and keeping you informed on the latest biosecurity news throughout 2024.

Transitional Facility Updates

You may have seen in the July Edition of the See, Contain, Report Newsletter that MPI has removed the automatic expiry of TF Approval.

This was previously based on the TF-Operator’s Training Certificate Expiry date (which expires after 2 years of the training date).

As your TF-Operator completes their training or refresh their training you may notice a change in the Approval Certificate from MPI (Ministry for Primary Industries). The expiry date section – highlighted in the picture below – will say Until Revoked.

This means your TF is approved until the event it is cancelled – either by yourselves or the approval is withdrawn by MPI.

However, you will still need to complete your TF-Operator refresher training before your previous training certificate expires. It is important for your site to maintain compliance and keep your training current. MPI will be checking this when they complete a Performance Based Verification (PBV).


An easy way to complete your refresher training is online, book now here: Transitional Facility Operator Training | Online Course | SPS Biota