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Download Find-a-Pest's updated app today!

Find-a-Pest has recently launched an updated version of their free IOS and Android apps, with new features to boot!


As Kiwis, we all know how bad pests are, but when think you’ve find one, what should you do? One helpful option is to use the Find-a-Pest app! The app will use AI to identify the species you snapped up, and if it isn’t sure, it will get sent to the team of expert researchers. It's very easy to use and there’s (almost) no such thing as a silly observation. Being curious and noticing things in your environment is what helps find new or important pests early.

If you aren’t sure what pests might affect your crops, the app has factsheets that can let you know what to keep an eye out for. By snapping, reporting, and dealing with these invasive species early, the effects can be minimized, making sure your crops – and industry – stay healthy!


Download Find-a-Pest Today!

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Click here to download on the App Store for IOS