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Chatham Islands Visit March 2023

Recently, a team of three SPS Biota staff made a visit to the Chatham Islands.

Chatham Islands Tuuta Airport Terminal

Chatham Islands Tuuta Airport Terminal


SPS Biota works with Environment Canterbury (ECan) and the Chatham Islands Council to provide support in the Chatham Islands Border Quarantine and Biosecurity programme. The Chatham Islands are a unique part of New Zealand, with many endemic species only found there and exists without many of the pests that are present on mainland New Zealand. It is important to protect this isolated place to prevent new pests establishing on the Chatham Islands.

SPS Biota’s visit was primarily to provide training and technical support for new ECan biosecurity staff member, Jase Seymour, and survey high risk sites for biosecurity threats.

ECan Biosecurity Officer Jase Seymour

Georgia Williams (SPS Biota) with Jase Seymour (ECan Biosecurity Officer) and Alex Meikle (ECan contactor) at Waitangi Wharf inspecting goods that had arrived recently from Timaru.

It was also an opportunity to deliver a presentation regarding the programme to members and staff at the Chatham Islands Council. We were encouraged by the enthusiasm of those attending the presentation.

Chatham Islands Council Building

Presenting at the Chatham Islands Council

Two Biosecurity Advisors were also visiting the island to complete a pest and weed survey on the recently opened Owenga Landfill for Fulton Hogan.

Owenga Landfill

Overall, this was a successful trip, after not being able to visit the islands for a few years due to covid-19 restrictions.


For more information regarding the biosecurity on the Chatham Islands please visit:

Chatham Islands Biosecurity & Quarantine | SPS Biota

Pest Management » Chatham Islands Council (