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Unwanted Pest Trapping in New Zealand Forests

SPS is carrying out a surveillance trapping trial for unwanted, new to New Zealand pest beetles and wood wasps. Flight traps with attractants have been placed in plantation forests close to urban areas in Auckland, Rotorua and Christchurch. Insects collected from the traps are identified using diagnostic characters for species known to be present in New Zealand. Anything unknown or suspected to be new to New Zealand will be sent to Scion for identification. In the future, species found in these traps may be able to be identified using DNA sequencing for bulk samples to reduce the need for traditional microscope based diagnostic identification.  

Ips typographus, a beetle not present in New Zealand. © Gilles San Martin

An example of damage Bark beetles not present in New Zealand can create. © carnifex

- Dominic Hartnett, Biosecurity Advisor