Ecosystem Monitoring

Ecosystem Monitoring

Primary production systems are part of the environment. Often there is a need to monitor effects on surrounding ecosystems. SPS Biosecurity ecologists can a range of ecological services.

  • Ecological Surveying & Assessments
  • Habitat Restoration
  • Herpetological Surveying & Monitoring
  • Ornithological Surveying & Monitoring
  • Vegetation Surveying & Monitoring
  • Environmental auditing

Ecosysytem monitoring

Tree Health Evaluation Package

THE Package™ is an indigenous forest condition assessment methodology developed by Dr Gordon Hosking and owned out-right by SPS Biosecurity. It is aimed to provide detailed analysis based on quantifiable health condition data to managers of indigenous forest.

The philosophy of THE Package™ is built around a crown health assessment as the visible and easily assessed integrator of forest health. It operates on the well-founded assumption that the impact of insects, diseases, climatic stress, introduced animals and human interference is reflected in the vigor of the tree’s ‘power station’, its crown. Such changes are of direct management relevance since they reflect changes in the overall health of the forest.

Forest Certification

The management of plantation forests commonly involves the stewardship of non-production land such as stream edges, indigenous forest inclusions, wetlands, tussock grassland and other land unsuitable for plantation species.

Performance based certification systems such as Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) value assessment initiatives that show knowledge of the condition of the indigenous vegetation, and measure changes resulting from changes in management activity. THE Package™ can provide auditable data and analysis for both performance based systems such as FSC and management based quality systems including ISO: 14000.

SPS Biosecurity ecologists have significant experience in FSC audits and assessments. We have provided expertise as audit team members or environmental specialists to SGS and the Rain Forest Alliance.

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