Primary Production and Border Biosecurity Systems

Primary production and border biosecurity systems

For development, protection and market access

Activities that require the movement of people, stores and equipment also have the potential to transport and relocate many unwanted pests. There are numerous examples from around the world where the ongoing costs of introduced pests far exceed the original benefit of the project that led to their establishment.

SPS Biosecurity can assess your organisation’s biosecurity and quarantine requirements and then tailor an effective programme to meet requirements. This can include training for inspectors, awareness programmes and the practical delivery quarantine and biosecurity services.

border security

International phytosanitary standards such as ISPM now mean market access is often dependant on meeting a range of requirements from produce origin, right through the supply chain.

Our experience spans just about every industry and activity that has a requirement to consider the biosecurity and phytosanitary implications.

  • Transitional facility quarantine and biosecurity requirements
  • Meeting international standards and certifications including ISPM
  • Developing manuals and documentation
  • Environmental audits and monitoring at the farm, plantation or production site
  • Phytosanitary audits for export readiness
  • Pest and disease monitoring and management
  • Supply chain analysis for quarantine and pest management
  • Training and capacity building