Biological control project - Chile

Recent Work

A collaborative project with Servicio Agricola Y Ganadero (SAG) in Chile has seen SPS Biosecurity called on to provide collections of live insect parasites of the Sirex wood wasp to send to Chile and Argentina.

Sirex noctilio was once a significant pest of NZ forestry, attacking and killing stressed trees, particularly in over-stocked stands. A range of insect parasites including a sterilising nematode now keep Sirex at low numbers. The spectacular parasitic wasps Rhyssa and Megarhyssa which drill down through the wood and lay an egg on a developing Sirex larvae, were the main biological control insects used in the programme.

Key clients and partners are Servicio Agricola Y Ganadero (SAG), Servico Nacional de Sanisad (SENASA).