Chatham Islands Biosecurity and Quarantine

Recent Work

SPS Biosecurity has developed biosecurity and quarantine systems to protect islands and high value areas from pests. This programme has been successfully implemented for the Chatham Islands where it has now been actively managed for over 10 years. The approach has also provided the template for protecting other significant island nature reserves internationally, including biosecurity and quarantine guidelines for a significant number of ACAP island breeding sites for albatross and petrels.

The Chatham Islands are located 700 kms to the east of New Zealand and are highly significant both ecologically and economically to New Zealand. The islands boast one of the highest levels of endemism in the world. In this programme ‘risk pathways’ are targeted, in other words the physical connections between the Chathams and New Zealand by which new pests could transfer to the islands. SPS Biosecurity delivers awareness and training programmes and operational pest risk management. Science partners include Scion Research, Landcare Research and AgResearch.

No Pests Please - Chatham Island Biosecurity Leaflets

SPS Chathams Air plane

  - Moving to the Chathams

  - Buying used vehicles or machinery

  - Importing plants to the Chathams

  - Importing bulk building and garden supplies

  - Bringing pets and livestock to the Chathams

Key programme clients and partners are Environment Canterbury, Chatham Island Council, AgResearch and Landcare Research.