Online TFO Training Registration Completed

Online TFO Training Registration Completed


You have just registered for event Transitional Facility Operator (TF-Operator) Training | e-Learning

The following will be emailed shortly

  • Invoice will be issued and sent to email provided for accounts. (Payment is required before certificate is issued)
  • Instructions on how to enter and complete the e-learning training
  • Receive an email for Log on and setting your Password

Please Note:

  • Attendee is required to have an email address to be able to do the online learning (either a work or personal one)
  • Attendee is required to have Internet Access & Computer to undertake training
  • Attendee requirements: The person who is doing this course must have a basic understanding of both written and spoken English
  • PLEASE advise if you would like to have the RESOURCE BOOK mailed to the attendee address.