Online TFO Training

Online TFO Training

Transitional Facility Operator (TF-Operator) Training | E-LEARNING $399 + GST


This training outlines the role and responsibilities of a Transitional Facility (TF) Operator (TF-Operator) and the requirements of Standard for Transitional Facilities for General Uncleared Risk Goods (TFGEN).

It is ONLY available to current trained TF-Operators or Deputy TF-Operator who holds a Training Certificate.

All Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) approved transitional facilities must have an approved TF-Operator who maintains overall responsibility for biosecurity activities at their site.

How long it takes: This course will take approximately 5-7 hours including the webinar/online discussion & assessment. You can do it in a single day or spread it over multiple sessions.  The assessment must be done in a single session, as there is a 90 minute time limit.

Overview of e-Learning: youtube video link

Certification awarded: On successful completion of this course the attendee will be awarded a TF-Operator Certificate of Training, as required by the MPI Standard for General Facilities for Uncleared Goods MPI-STD-TFGEN.

Post Course Requirements
This e-Learning course is only part of the process for approval as a MPI TF-Operator and attendees will need to complete the process required by MPI as outlined on their website.