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Multi-Site Transitional Facility Inquiry


Why would you do this?

  • The MTF gets set up in days, not weeks
  • Sea Container delivered to your business, without MPI approval or having to train staff
  • You get to unpack the sea container, making sure nothing gets damaged and saving on costs

How it works

  • SPS Biosecurity completes a site assessment to make sure the site has a suitable hardstand area and it meets the requirements.
  • An SPS Biosecurity Advisor (MPI Accredited Person) will be present at each sea container clearance to check the goods and the container on-site (booking made by appointment).
  • SPS Biosecurity takes care of all the reporting to MPI and makes sure requirements are met

Get in touch

If this sounds like a suitable option for your business, call 0800 BIOTA1 or
Contact: Jessica Wallace
P: 027 536 7540

You can also process this order and we can get in touch.

    Multi-Site Transitional Facility Inquiry